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Our Technology

We believe in creating enterprise-level solutions that are scalable at their core and dependable in practice as engineers and computer scientists.


In this work, we seek to develop a 4-layer system that makes use of:

- IPFS as a file storage layer;

- an off-chain database as a transactional and directory layer,

- BSC smart contracts as a layer for financial logic,

- and an API and applications as a layer for front-end applications.


There, all the information is gathered, and the blockchain is periodically updated with the song statistics. 


Cloud Analytics Modernization

Our platform is hosted on a fast and secure IPFS Gateway Server. This allows the creation on High Quality Music NFTs.

Blockchain Acceleration

The NFTs  are created using the ERC - 721 and ERC 1155 technology.  The Smart Contract is developed and deployed on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.


Our smart contract is audited and debugged to ensure the smooth running of our platform.

Full Customer Experience 

We will be avaliable 24/7 to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency. 

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